Karina Seljak will present her first solo exhibition of a new body of work through an Artist Residency at IN Artist Run Initiative at The Old Lock-Up in Maroochydore.

Karina’s exhibition of pastel drawings and textiles pieces will explore the temporal impossibility of making the immaterial material. Odes to disappearing ecologies underpin her pursuit of what may soon be lost, and imaging better environmental and human futures. Investigating colour relationships and ephemerality, she finger-blends using soft pastels to shape formal sharp lines and smooth gradients. The surreal landscapes draw from dreams and her local environment. Orbs cast shadows and create vacuums, and the constant presence of a horizon line deals with notions of universal balance.

She employs patchwork and hand-stitching to create soft sculptures and installations that challenge current socio-political paradigms in pursuit of equality and resilience. In conversation with feminist textiles artist and transcendental painters’ artistic lineages, including Georgia O’Keefe, Agnes Pelton and Louise Bourgeois, her body of work features symbols of draped fabric, moons and vessels to give form to the felt, unseen energies of the earth.

As part of the exhibition she will employ a writer to create an exhibition text, and she will deliver an artist talk to engage the community and contribute to the growing culture of critical conversations on the Sunshine Coast.

Image: Pink Lake
Photographer: Karina Seljak


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