Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation (SCAF) will collaborate with organisations or individuals to help them secure philanthropic funding to conduct projects and activities that promote and advance:

  • Visual Arts and Crafts

  • Literature

  • Performing Arts

  • Screen Arts

  • Movable Cultural Heritage

  • Indigenous arts
  • Community Arts

  • Spaces for Performances and Exhibitions


The SCAF Board will identify projects for funding and will collaborate with individuals, arts organisations and cultural facilities to develop a vision, a project, a campaign and donors. We will offer the leadership and resources to ensure their vision is achieved.

The following are eligible for Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation (SCAF) support:

  • Not for profit arts or cultural organisations (which are legally constituted) operating in the Sunshine Coast region.
  • Artists, groups of artists, arts managers, arts workers and students living, practising or conducting a specific project in the Sunshine Coast region.
  • Not for profit spaces for arts development, performance, collecting and exhibiting, screen presentations and arts education in the Sunshine Coast region.

SCAF is not a grants body and does not accept unsolicited applications.

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We invite you to support us to promote the development and prosperity of the arts in our community. Donors to the Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation will be recognised at the following levels:

  • Donor – $2 to $999

  • Fellow – $1000 to $24,999

  • Benefactor – $25,000 to $249,999

  • Principal – $250,000 and greater

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