Isabella Hood will develop The Harmony Project.

Supported by Patron Jocelyn Walker, Isabella Hood’s The Harmony Project is a multidisciplinary work that examines the process of making and performing live art.

The work is an open invitation to contribute to the creation of a new music composition, a live, playful exchange between audience and performer, with the final outcome of the composition representing the stylistic consensus of a society at this stage of its cultural development.

Conceptually, this work comments on the expendable and sacrificial nature of humankind when our precious societal structures are threatened in crisis. When important aspects such as autonomy, independence and identity are challenged, we see a society unravel, and grasp onto ‘I’ vs ‘them’ orientated behaviours. Underlying The Harmony Project is the over-bearing lens of separation- individuation which will be explored throughout the work, dynamically through the audience/performer connection. This work invokes an alternate strategy to cope with othering and exclusivity, a venture towards oneness and community.

The project will involve a two-week development of these concepts through a multi-disciplinary exploration, with a public showing to conclude. The collaborating artists involved in the development of this show are director and co-choreographer Isabella Hood, and co-choreographer and performer/musician, Jag Popham.

Image: Jag Popham
Photographer: Isabella Hood


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