The Foundation co-hosted an event with Argon Law and the Friends of the Caloundra Regional Gallery on 17 June at the Gallery, which focussed on the value of the arts and how investment will bring greater social connection, achievement and identity in the Sunshine Coast.

Foundation Chair, Professor Jennifer Radbourne (above) asked guests to consider their personal legacy.

“It may be something in your history, it may be your children, it may be something in your will (your home, property, money, a work of art). It may be a memory that others have of you. It can be all of these.

Foundation Board Chair Professor Jennifer Radbourne speaking at the event

“Why does a young growing region need thinking in terms of ‘legacy’ at this time. Because our vision, our dream, is for 10 or 15 years’ time. What can we do now, for this region’s future identity, history, memory?

“The legacy of art is all of these. Think great paintings, dancers, singers, plays, playwrights, operas, novels, porcelain pieces. Here in this gallery, the exhibition of works that reflect our beach culture, show a quite remarkable shift in style, subject matter and technique. These are our history, our social history, and our identity.

“Your legacy will let this region be what it wants to be and should be. SCAF can offer tax deductibility. Argon Law can offer you advice. And the artists offer you evidence that the arts make for a better life for all who live on the Sunshine Coast and who visit the Sunshine Coast,” Professor Radbourne said.

Guests enjoyed an excerpt from A Girl’s Guide to World War, based on real women and their legacy (Queensland’s first female doctor). The musical by Maleny artists Katy Forde and Aleathea Monsour, which won two Matilda Awards in 2020 was performed to sell-out crowds on the Sunshine Coast in 2018 and 2019, will soon commence a three-week season at Brisbane Powerhouse.

“SCAF was proud to give these gifted artists funds from our Annual Giving campaign, which they will now use to buy the BBC’s sound effects library, to enrich the podcast they produced during the Covid shutdown,” Professor Radbourne said.

The stirring performance from the award-winning A Girl’s Guide to World War.

Argon Law Director John Gallagher speaking at the event.

Argon Law’s Director John Gallagher (above), who is a strong advocate for the arts on the Sunshine Coast, spoke about how he was shaped by the arts from childhood to adulthood and the privilege we have of free public art galleries. He explained that giving back to the arts community has always been a founding principle of Argon Law. He showed the video on giving a legacy to the arts which can be seen on the Foundation’s website.

Marilyn Holness, President of the Friends spoke about the long-time role of the voluntary group and its contribution to the Gallery.

“The Friends supports the Gallery’s program through fundraising, advocacy and in-kind assistance and also helps artists to develop their practice,” Ms Holness said.

Mark McKenzie, Marie Piggott, Kennedy Fox and Marilyn Holness, Gallery Friends’ President.

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