28 January 2021

The Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation (SCAF) is inviting local arts organisations and artists to apply for partnerships to offer tax deductibility to their donors or to be a recipient of its GIFTED annual giving campaign.

The Foundation was entered on the Register of Cultural Organisations late last year and can receive tax deductible donations on behalf of artists and organisations in the region.

Chair Professor Jennifer Radbourne said the Foundation is offering partnerships with local organisations and artists who are raising funds for their arts projects and activities.

“The Foundation will accept tax deductible donations on behalf of partner organisations and artists and will help promote them to secure philanthropic funding.

Six partner organisations and artists will also be selected by the SCAF Board each year as recipients of donations to the annual giving campaign, GIFTED. The campaign invites the community to donate and support talented local artists in disciplines as diverse as visual arts, music, literature, screen and theatre.

Professor Radbourne encouraged arts organisations and artists who are interested in partnering for either of these opportunities to review the partnership guidelines and eligibility criteria on the SCAF website and to contact the Executive Officer at info@scartsfoundation.com for proposal forms. GIFTED will be limited to six partners each year and by the funds available from donations received.

Donations can be made to the GIFTED! campaign online or by contacting the Executive Officer at info@scartsfoundation.com.

“We believe arts and creativity give meaning to our lives and help enrich the Sunshine Coast as a brilliant place to live and visit, Professor Radbourne said. “We also believe our region will be transformed by philanthropic investment in the arts.

“Nine out of 10 respondents to our recent research agreed that arts and culture make the Sunshine Coast a better place and they enjoyed seeing local artists achieve success. We want to tap into that positive sentiment in partnership with our talented and successful organisations and individuals and support the artistic prosperity of the Sunshine Coast.”

Through its partnership programs the Foundation promotes a culture of philanthropy in the region.

The Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation was established with the support of the Sunshine Coast Council.

Image: Elle Emery at Venue 114, where she performed for the GIFTED! launch. Chloe Horder Media.