Teddy will enter two garments in the World of Wearable Art Project

Supported by Patron, Ferre de Deyne, Teddy McRitchie will enter the The World of Wearable Art Show. It is a world-class theatrical extravaganza seen by over 60,000 people over three weeks in Wellington, New Zealand. It is the largest wearable art show in the world, attracting entries from over 20 countries every year. The exhilarating WOW show is a visual feast for audiences and an opportunity for designers to be recognised and celebrated on the world stage. Ever since he began creating wearable art 8 years ago, Teddy has always wanted to enter WOW and have a garment shown on that stage. Teddy plans to create two wearable art garments one titled ‘The Most Beautiful Angel’ which will be a tribute to a young friend he lost last year, created from fabrics and feathers. The second garment titled ‘Koi Pond’ is inspired by the peace and tranquillity of koi ponds, created from plastics, fabric and foam.

Image: The Most Beautiful Angel
Photography: Teddy McRitchie


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