Local sewing artist Shaye Hardisty and photographer Ketakii Jewson Brown will undertake the Sunshine Coat Project, which will see the design and construction of seven to 10 coats that share visual stories of our unique experiences in this region.

The project will have a strong focus on sustainable fashion and will use only second-hand, or organically grown textiles. Shaye and Ketakii are based in Nambour where they currently have an artist tenancy through Sunshine Coast Council and Creative Spaces, with the purpose of creatively activating the space and community.

The project will involve consultations with a range of community groups within Nambour and wider Sunshine Coast; photoshoots showcasing these stories and the people/groups; a photographic essay of the project showing the slow and thoughtful process of creating clothing and working with unique textiles; workshops with numerous artists teaching different textile arts and techniques; culminating in an exhibition of coats and photography for Winter 2022.

IMAGE: Shaye Hardisty and Ketakii Jewson Brown at Makers Space, Nambour Photograph: Warwick Gow


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