Ruby Donohoe will present her new project YAK.

Supported by patron Herb Fenn, Ruby Donohoe’s new project YAK combines interactive arduino technology, participatory practices, and furniture design. YAK has been accepted into the 2024 Project 24 Residency where Ruby will be supported with mentorship, an industry showing, peer-to-peer support, and financial contribution.

The PROJECT 24 Residency will culminate in YAK’s first test – an intertwined, counterposed chair that requires two people to both be seated together in order to trigger an audio participatory work.

The audio participatory work will focus on facilitating exchange, interchange, and intimacy between participants through a series of physical and poetic invitations.

YAK is a significant advancement of Ruby’s performance practice through utilising cutting-edge, innovative technologies and experimental, playful approaches to design. The development process not only utilises multiple disciplines but the meaning of the work is directly tied to the intersecting relationship between the art forms. The development will also draw on an interdisciplinary approach to process- cross-fertilising methodologies from theatre, installation, design, sound work, and interactive art.

Image: Ruby Donohoe
Photographer: Ruby Barnsley


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