OUTBOUND | Contemporary Dance x Live Art Festival

OUTBOUND is an independent, artist-run festival led by artistic directors Courtney Scheu x Ruby Donohoe. The festival celebrates the most innovative makers x movers in the region whilst also presenting works from some of the best performing artists in Australia and the world. The festival commissions the creation of new works, provides residencies, and introduces artists to audiences on the Sunshine Coast. OUTBOUND also delivers a suite of workshops delivered by international, national, and local artists.


Both OUTBOUND Artistic Directors grew up on the Sunshine Coast but have gone on to create work throughout Australia and overseas. A really important part of our stories is the growth we experienced by watching world class dance and working with world class artists. We know that not everyone is as fortunate as us – contemporary dance x live art in Australia and especially in Queensland has faced some hard blows in recent years. A big part of our mission is to support contemporary dance x performance to thrive on the coast. We want Sunshine Coast dance artists to have a long-lasting legacy beyond the region and for their work to be in conversation with national + international practices.


  • Celebrating the compelling, cutting edge work of local artists that can sometimes only be made possible by existing outside city cultural centres.
  • Bringing internationally and nationally renowned artists to the coast.
  • Inspiring artists + audiences | OUTBOUND is about exposing artists + audiences to the work of some of the most innovative leaders in dance in Australia. This cultural exposure is vital so we can become inspired, better skilled through attending masterclasses, develop networks to tour work in the future, and to expand ideas about what a career in the arts can look like


To do this, OUTBOUND need to be able to support their artist fees, travel costs, accomodation, and production fees. We would be honoured to work together, with you, to make this a reality.


OUTBOUND is a celebration of what it means to come together through art. Creating new lines of flight between bodies, time zones, art forms, and ideas, OUTBOUND is a three day line-up of contemporary dance x live art. The festival is an invitation to pursue improbable, inevitable, elusive moments of connection.