Supported by Patrons Karen and Keith Neuendorf, ceramic artist Shannon Garson (Maleny) plans to expand a 2020 body of work which explored the Tasmanian coastline and the disappearing kelp forest of the Southern Ocean. For her project, Forest, Land and Sea, she will develop a library of material which can be taken back to her Maleny studio and used to create, porcelain pots, drawings and watercolours.

She has worked for many years with landscape, investigating the flora and fauna of endangered biomes and exploring biodiversity through photography, drawing, and thrown porcelain vessels. She aims to bring attention to the hidden details of these landscapes through her artwork, drawings and ceramic vessels. The small, vital creatures and plants are of particular interest. She has worked with wallum swamps, sclerophyll forests, rainforests, sub-tropical river systems, and the rapidly disappearing kelp forests of the Southern Ocean.

Her work always begins with walking over the landscape, the physical motion paralleled by the concepts forming. This walking becomes photography and mark making which in turn become objects made of paper, or porcelain.

Image: Vessels and Bird Stories exhibition


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