Melissa Lanham is a contemporary dance theatre artist with a career spanning 27 years working extensively in Australia and the U.K. She has worked on many social inclusion projects and main stream dance company productions as a dancer herself, then fulfilling roles such as dance development artist for (DanceEastBritish Arts Council), community dance artist/ teacher on independent projects and ultimately as a choreographer.

Melissa is the founder of LJ Projects, a dance/theatre company specialising in immersive theatre, education and outreach programs. LJ Projects strives to create moving and emotive dance theatre, unifying rich visual design with provocative text and original sound scores and music. They are firm believers that theatre works in both directions; not only in the sense of performers and creatives giving to an audience, but the audience in sharing their experiences of what they are seeing. The artistic process of LJ Projects involves taking something that fuels the imagination; and then experimenting, interpreting and structuring improvisation and task-work around the subject. Using dance, text and characterisation; framing and reframing answers, and challenging assumptions of how something is perceived; LJ Projects place equal emphasis on the design and the portrayal of all elements in the space.

Poetical Inhabitants

Poetical Inhabitants is an innovative dance-theatre work that invites you to consider what makes a house a home. Is it the people living there? Or the echoes of those who have lived there before you, seeped into the walls and never forgotten? In an exciting collision of dance and architecture, the skeleton of a house is placed within a rainforest under the night sky and within, dancers reveal the story of a couple, their relationship and the memories embedded within their house.

Choreographer Melissa Lanham (LJ Projects) collaborates with architect Samantha Taylor (Project Fort Awesome) to construct a dwelling within a dwelling, inviting reflection on your perception of ‘home’ and the stories held within.